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Hi James,

After 42 years of supporting my hometown club, Oldham, I am sad to say that I cannot offer support anymore.


  1. The club don’t play in the town anymore, or even the borough
  2. The total lack of communication from the club as to where it stands in the current situation, other clubs are making full announcements on players for next season and where they stand in any competitions being offered by the RFL and Oldham just say silent (they only issued a statement after my comments on their twitter feed)
  3. The lack of ambition of the club for the future
  4. The chairman/owner needs to change

So with these personal opinions, I have now decided that I have to find another team to support. The question is now, who?

Andy Barratt

Editor’s comments: Oldham find themselves in a difficult position, whereby their “home” ground isn’t suitable for the Championship, forcing them to play away at Stalybridge. I think it reflects a big problem that some expansion teams have suffered from. You need a permanent home ground, a place to call your own, to enable you to grow, to be sustainable and to build year on year.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Want to be featured? Email the editor:


  1. Hmmmm!? I get really really frustrated when I hear, see, comments like this. If one of your criteria is that the team plays in the borough then, as far as a pro club is concerned, you’ve got no choice. All other teams are outside the borough. I , like you, have been a supporter for over 40 years, nearer 55 tbh, and I am Oldham through and through. I dont live in the borough anymore, i live near leigh. But i wouldn’t entertain swopping allegiances no matter what. As to the chairman/owner, I’m not a flag waver for him, but until someone wins the euro millions then he’s the best we’ve got and I’m sure he does the best he can given the circumstances. As for news coming out about next year? Social media is indicating that we have 5 new signings for next year, including at least one former player. Keep going, don’t give up.

  2. Well said Gary, my thoughts exactly and I’ve supported Oldham even longer. 70 years and still counting. We wouldn’t have a club but for Chris!

  3. 1) Man United don’t play in Manchester, they seem to cope OK.
    2) Silence might seem a sensible policy to some of us when the club can have no proper idea what the situation will be come next month never mind next season.
    3) I’m sure if Andy gave the club a couple of million quid they could be a lot more ambitious.
    4) Or if he bought Chris Hamilton out and invested a few million I’m sure we would all unite behind the new regime.

  4. “Ask not what your club will do for you, but what you can do for your Club”
    I have been a lifelong supporter of Leeds RL and Leeds United. We have had ups and downs at both clubs, but a drubbing against St Helens last week is just part of the game, not a reason to badmouth them. The strength of both clubs is their supporters as always will be.
    Look at what can be done, ground share with Oldham United maybe, or get a business group together to support the board in development of the ground. What are the local council doing about it?

    Whatever you do, don’t do nothing and whinge, go do something positive.

    By the way I now live in Hastings on the south coast, try that for travelling to home games.

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