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Dear Love Rugby League,

Just reading comments regarding a game I truly love and agree about the Thursday games, I do understand sky wanting to show games but in my opinion and I have discussed this with other fans

Friday Night

Only one game played and that’s shown on Sky

Saturday and Sunday

All remaining games should be played over the weekend….

Currently sky can cover all Catalan home games  and every Toronto games so why can’t they juggle:-

My thoughts ……….

Catalan coverage from five why can’t they show a game before that one and then another on a Sunday afternoon.

Rugby attendances are falling and I personally think this is due to families not being able to go, family time is weekends and we need to get the youth interested, the youth is the future without them we don’t have a future,  I got into rugby from an early age by going on Sunday afternoon’s with my parents then watching games on the BBC and shouting for Wigan they became my team even though we are from West Cumbria, I travel to every home game and away games but do struggle on a Friday going to Yorkshire, love nothing better than travelling over to Hull, Wakefield and the likes on a weekend, really look forward to it, it’s a rush on a Friday evening getting to Wigan but I make it just before kick-off but

Maybe there should be a vote on social media to see what we as fans want, we are the ones purchasing the tickets…………………

They do this when it suits i.e.  magic weekend, fans vote for one venue and RFL get their own way and put it in Liverpool, as a family of 7 we are not attending, first time ever…….

Sharon Carruthers

Editor’s comment: There needs to be more Saturday and Sunday rugby league, without a doubt. Midweek games should be extras, not at the expense of weekend games, in my opinion.

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