Locke takes aim at Salford and Koukash

Kevin Locke has opened about up about his ill-fated stint in Super League with Salford.

Locke spent a year with the Red Devils, scoring six tries in 13 games, before his abrupt departure.

The Kiwi fullback then had a controversial spell with Wakefield at the end of the 2015 season before returning to Australia.

Locke alleges that he was paid late at times by Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash and had to play while injured at Salford.

“He just wasn’t paying me… it wasn’t consistent,” Locke told The Locker Room webcast.

“I’d turn up to training, give my best and then not get paid. I got injured and then he goes we need you to play the St Helens game.

“The doctors said you cannot play. And I had to overrule the doctors and say I can play because I feel alright.

“So he organised me to get eight injections into my back before the game. I got them, then first five minutes gone.

“Before that he goes if you don’t play this week, I’ve already got a fullback to replace you, you can think about going home.”

Locke said he had run-ins with then Salford coach Iestyn Harris who he claims was told to play him.

“I ended up hearing about how he [Harris] left, he was pretty much forced out,” Locke said.

“It’s a poorly run club. Now that Tim Sheens is there I think it’s sweet.”



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