Lewis Advocates Shorter Season

The current Super League season lasts for 27 games, excluding play-off and Challenge Cup fixtures, while the NRL Premiership runs for 24 games excluding play-offs, with no cup competition.

Many at Red Hall now feel that a shorter season would ensure that top players would be fresher when facing up to their Australian counterparts.

"I think by common consent we do struggle a bit because our playing season is longer than the Australians," said Lewis. "[It is] a long-term aim for the Super League and the RFL to reduce the playing season."

Lewis did point out that there were other issues to be considered, with the shortening the season length dangerous for clubs in financial terms.

"In 2006 the engage Super League had another record season but we can't be reckless and destroy the foundations of the financial stability of the sport just for one particular issue," he continued.

"But long-term I'm sure we'll get there and have a shorter season and address the issue that many people feel there's a weakness compared to the Australians."

The 2007 Super League season has been reduced by one game from what used to be a 28-game season, to accommodate a mid-season international for Great Britain.

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