Lamb wants Bradford

Business Richard Lamb is keen to form a new Bradford rugby league club following the Bulls liquidation.

Lamb is the chief executive and a board member of rugby union club Rotherham Titans. He is also the owner of the Lucid Group and previouly had a bid to take over Bradford fail.

Lamb, who is fronting a consortium that also includes former Cronulla Sharks chairman Damian Irvine, will submit a bid to the RFL to form a new Bradford club.

“While it is a very painful experience for everyone involved with the club, I think you can recalibrate the club now and actually it’s probably in the best place to go forward that it’s ever been,” he told PA Sport.

“Successive administrations have had to take on structures that were already in place and I’m not sure that structure is fit for where the club is currently in the Championship.

“Whatever happens, I think now the club will be a better position than if someone had tried to take it out of administration with all the associated costs.

“I’ll set down with Damian and a couple of others and see where we take it from there. One would hope they are not going to be ridiculously onerous in terms of what they are going to request.

“The plan at the moment is that we put in a tender and hopefully take it from there.”




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