Koukash unloads on RFL

Salford owner Marwan Koukash has accused the RFL of failing to manage and monitor the Super League salary cap properly and says they are not fit for purpose.

In an expansive press conference at the AJ Bell Stadium today, Koukash explained his club’s salary cap discretions and took aim at the RFL on a number issues.

Koukash claimed Salford was over the cap for the combined sum of around £51,000 in 2014 but has been found guilty of being over by £94,200. He said the Red Devils were over the cap for a period of eight days, not the 108 days claimed by the RFL.

He said the RFL knew about these breaches in 2014 but took no action until April this year.

“I believe it was a totally administrative mistake on our part,” Koukash said.

“But again the RFL knew about this more than a year ago. Why wait until the end of last year to start an investigation?

“To bring it and charge it now, when we are getting our house in order, is disgusting to say the least.

“This is a schoolboy error. There’s no way on earth we could have been in breach of the cap by that amount [£94,200].

“For me, when I look at why they’ve done it. I would say they either have deliberately misled the judge, or they’re incompetent.

“If I’ve made a mistake, I’ll accept the punishment. But for sure I did not do anything wrong.

Koukash believes a fine but not a points deduction would be fair for his club. Salford has been docked six points this season.

He is also seeking an appeal for the cap punishment that is totally independent of the RFL.

“I just don’t see why the RFL needs to see our grounds of appeal to make their decision [on having an indepedent appea],” he said.

“If nobody has anything to hide, why don’t we take it to an indepedent appeal?”

Koukash also claims another Super League club was over the salary in 2014, which the RFL knew about, but no action was taken.

The Salford chairmen further claimed that Kevin Locke may have made his Super League debut in 2014 when he was unregistered because of a mistake by the RFL.

“If the RFL are not able to monitor the salary cap and administer it properly, than they are not fit for purpose,” Koukash said.



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