Koukash declares war on RFL

Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash has branded RFL officials as unfit for purpose, and is attempting to force a vote of no confidence in the governing body’s board.

Koukash is reportedly lobbying other Super League chairmen to back his call for a special general meeting.

Salford were recently docked six points for alleged salary cap transgressions, which the club are set to challenge, but Koukash insists that this has nothing to do with his call for a vote of confidence.

“I am in talks with a number of other chairmen to set up a meeting to bring a vote of no confidence in the leadership of the RFL,” said Koukash.

“They are not fit for purpose.

“We invest millions into rugby league and want what is the best for the sport. I have been in the sport for four years and commercially the game has gone backwards in that time.

“My biggest fear is that in two years’ time, when the new television deal kicks in, the NRL salary cap will be three times that of Super League and I hear they will be increasing the size of their squads from 25 to 32.

“That will result in good NRL players who normally come here staying in Australia and more of our elite players of the calibre of Elliott Whitehead and Josh Hodgson going over there.

“I can envisage Super League becoming a feeder competition for the NRL.”

The RFL have responded to the controversial owners remarks with a statement of their own.

It reads:

“As an organisation, we are here to work for the clubs and all those with an interest in rugby league.

“Our governance ensures that there is an established democratic process that a club can follow to make their voice heard and we will always listen to what they have to say.

“Whilst we will continue to work hard to improve the fortunes of all clubs, a recent independent benchmarking report has demonstrated that, as a sport, we are generally in a stronger financial state than we were two years ago.

“It has already been a remarkable first part of the Super League season and we are now focused on what promises to be another fantastic Magic in Newcastle this weekend.”

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