Kear applauds players

Wakefield boss John Kear has praised his young squad admidst the off-field turmoil that has gripped the Wildcats in recent weeks.

Kear’s side finally get underway on the field this weekend, taking on Castleford on Saturday at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, a timely distraction following the club’s administration woes.

Kear said: “It has been very difficult, but it’s rumour and speculation that causes unrest.

“I have to applaud the players, especially the young ones. They’ve grown up off the field, and now they’ve got the opportunity to grow on the field.

“The pre-season has come to an end, and now they can go out and play rugby in anger and have a competitive game. The motivational tool is there, and we now just have to tap that in to the player’s heads. There are reasons for everyone to do well.”

This year could prove pivotal in the future of the Wildcats, with new owners expected shortly, but also due to the Super League licensing decision set for later this year.

With one Championship side guaranteed elevation in to the top flight, Wakefield are now many people’s favourites for the chop.

Kear added: “We will put in a positive and good application when the time comes. But for the time being, we’ll deal with the here and now.”

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