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It was mentioned in the Talking points podcast recently but there are some great traditional names popping up in rugby league at the moment, Bill Toupou of the New Zealand Warriors, I mean Bill? How old school is that!? And it gets even better with Albert Kelly stepping out for Cronulla. Very Victorian, but then rugby league as far back as I can remember has sported some great name players, even in recent Super League history Steele Retchless or Brett Dallas aren’t the average name of your lad from the M62 corridor.

But Rugby League’s funny naming doesn’t just stop at player names, we all know of the various ways our clubs have rebranded themselves in an American (via Australia) way. When I was younger I watched the Chemics marching to glory and that’s about as fancy as it got. There weren’t any Wolves lurking in the next town or Rhinos on the other side of the Pennines and it often makes me wonder how much of an effect this naming has had? Looking down the leagues there are still a few teams who don’t have a moniker that grants them an easy mascot and marketing opportunity for younger audiences. Out of the 35 teams in the top 3 leagues 10 are without these fancy nicknames. I wonder how much difference Halifax RLFC and Halifax Blue Soxs made? Although this was one of the less vivid nicknames, I mean what kind of mascot would a Blue Sox be?

It seems to be a modern reinventive thing, you don’t see it in football, the strangest name is probably Villa and that’s been around so long it’s now traditional. It is of course in Rugby Union, but it would be, they eventually copy everything we do.

Speaking of silly names how about the Moscow Meercats as suggested by Johnny Bell in his Knock on blog , and it got a bit of a reaction on our facebook page. A Russian team in Super League don’t be daft, which led me to thinking the ultimate blue print is a European super league isn’t it? But was that ever in the name? European super league, I don’t know, answers on a postcard.

But returning to this week’s action, having watched Widnes’ season apparently descend into daftness with another 50 point drubbing from Leigh it’s a return to Super League predicting. (Try for Widnes from a bloke called Macgraff – weird names everywhere!) Last week saw a very respectable 5 out of 7 for me, Wigan got their second draw of the year and as no one predicts a draw I’m calling it 5 out of 6, with Catalans upset away to Warrington proving my undoing. A big chunk of games tonight followed by only 3 over the weekend, it’s quickly becoming a Friday night thing this rugby league. But here’s my take on the weekend, disagree as much as you want down below.

Hull FC 22 – 18 Bradford – Not much to call here, both teams how haven’t been turning up week in week out. Bradford off the back of a WLWLW streak puts them in line for a loss and Hull at home would hope to edge them out.

Wigan 28 – 6 Catalan – A shock on the road for Catalan against a big club is something that doesn’t happen that often and two weeks in a row? I’m not sure I can see it, Wigan to be comfortable in this one.

Crusaders 18 – 32 St Helens – Saints appear to be back on the wagon a little with 3 straights win in Super League now. Crusaders again are a club who don’t get tipped that often and their win against Salford last week may have boosted their confidence but a Saints team are a whole different kettle of fish.

Huddersfield 32 – 18 Warrington – Two teams that are looking good, even with Wire’s upset last weekend by a visiting Catalan side, I’m tipping Huddersfield here to take advantage of Warrington’s slightly dented aura and put Warrington on a think their first successive run of defeats this season.

Hull KR 22 – 10 Leeds – Hull KR haven’t quite impressed as I thought they might so far this season and the arrival of Willie Mason seems to have in no way made up for the injury that put Dobson out for a few weeks. That said Leeds aren’t looking their best either, a KR win at home here though.

Castleford 30 – 18 Salford – Salford will have been disappointed to lose at home Crusaders last week but I doubt they’ll make amends for it away to Cas this weekend. Expect to continue the good news of the week from their stadium planning announcement as they try to cement their Super League place on the pitch.

Wakefield 12 – 4 Harlequins – Quins early season momentum seems to well and truly have left them now and there isn’t much to choose on form here, 1 win in the last five for each. So I’m with home advantage to Wakefield 2 tries to 1.


I haven’t had any rubbish look a like suggestions for a while so come on you guys, are you not watching any rugby? But I knew it woudn’t be long until you saw Tony Archer getting run over in the Roosters game last weekend on you.

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