Hull KR take community approach to preseason

Hull KR players have been facing a different set of challenges as their preseason gathers momentum ahead of the new campaign.

The squad have been divided up into five small groups, and deprived of their phones, car keys and wallets, and then sent off around the country accompanied by a member of the coaching staff.

They have been set a series of tasks to accomplish around the UK, and have also been working on community projects, notably in flood-hit Cumbria.

The tasks include going to unfamiliar cities like Birmingham and London, and having to find food and accommodation.

 “We want our players to be well-rounded people as well as elite athletes,” Rovers head of rugby Jamie Peacock explained to the Hull Daily Mail.

“The plans the coaching staff have put in place this week will take the players out of their comfort zone.

“There are a few surprises in store for them and whilst we want to keep some of those activities in-house, the community side of this mini ‘camp’ is very important.”

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