Hodgson against England push

Josh Hodgson says anyone attempting a switch to play for England because they couldn’t get selected for another country should be turned away.

Hodgson said he wouldn’t like to see anyone don an England jumper unless they were fully committed. A number of Australian-born NRL players have been linked with declaring for the England team on heritage grounds.

“I’ve had a fair think about this `cause I’ve got a son and he’s born in Australia and he may never go to England to live there the rest of his life,” the Canberra hooker said.

“But if he grew up and said he wanted to represent England, and he was proud to be English because his mum and dad are English, then I don’t see what the issue would be.

“But in terms of someone who hasn’t got much English background and they’re doing it because they can’t make another squad, I just won’t be a fan of that.”

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