Hock regrets leaving Wigan

Leigh forward Gareth Hock has revealed that the greatest disappointment of his often chequered career is leaving Wigan.

Hock played over 200 games for the Warriors between 2003 and 2012, and was also banned for two years during that period for drug offences.

Since leaving Wigan, he spent time at Widnes and Salford, before joining Leigh in 2015.

“I was only saying to my fiancee yesterday that, of all the things that have happened, leaving Wigan is the biggest regret,” Hock told the Wigan Evening Post.

“My life at the time was up and down, that’s why I left, but I wish I was with Wigan with the mindset I’ve got now.

“My life now is totally different to the way it was – after training I look forward to coming home and playing with the kids.

“Leaving has done me good in a way, but that’s my biggest regret.”

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