Hiku unfazed by Wire’s troubles

Peta Hiku says his unfamiliarity with the Super League set up could help ease the pressure if Warrington are consigned to The Qualifiers.

Last week’s defeat at Wakefield left Wire three points behind eighth-placed Huddersfield with three games to go before the competition splits, but Hiku insists he’s unfazed by the club’s current predicament ahead of Friday’s fixture against Leigh.

“It’ll be good to get a bit of excitement playing for the first time at home,” said Hiku.

“These next three games are going to be tough, especially going into the split. I didn’t really understand it when I came over, so when everyone talks about the competitions I just push that aside.

“I’ve come over late so I’m just focused on playing some footy and I suppose that makes it easier for me. People can get a lot of pressure from thinking about what goes on.

“The club’s had a bad run and we just need to get a couple of wins together which will be good for us.”

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