Harrison hoping break has re-Wired Wolves

Warrington forward Ben Harrison believes that some time off from the grind of Super League will help the Wolves to improve between now and the end of the campaign.

The Wolves, like most clubs, had a free weekend due to the Challenge Cup final, and some time away from playing has meant that they could work on areas which needed improvement.

“On the back of it you get a lot of quality training, and can pick the intensity up,” he said.

“That means that the quality you get out of it is brilliant.

“Normally after a game you might play on a Sunday, and then it can be only four or five days until the next game on a Thursday or Friday.

“So you’ve only got three or four days of training on which you can focus, and you can’t get any fitness work in, or serious weights.

“So it gives your body time to recover, but also lets you really dig in and get some decent training under your belt, and freshen yourself up.”

The time off has also given the Wolves squad some space to properly analyse their displays of recent weeks, and identify the specific areas on which they need to improve.

“Every little helps when it comes to your body recovering and stuff like that,” Harrison added.

“It’s not just physical. Mentally, just to have a couple of days off from the rugby is good and helps to freshen you up.

“You come back and can’t wait to get back at it after that.

“But on top of that, on the mental side of it, we’ve had time to properly evaluate the Wigan game and analyse it.

“Look at it, and come up with some truths for ourselves about where it’s going wrong, and identify focal points for us to work on in attack in training and put right.”

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