Green explains Smith appointment

Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green has explained his reasoning behind the appointment of Rohan Smith as the club’s new head coach.

The new Bradford coach has arrived following the departure of James Lowes last month, and has NRL experience as an assistant coach.

This led to Green appointing Smith shortly afterwards, and says it was a decision that was took taking into account the whitewash from the Australian sides over the Super League teams in the World Club Series. 

“The decision to go out of England for a coach was borne out of what the Aussie teams did to us here in February,” Green told The Telegraph and Argus.

“Clearly we need to change what we’re doing here and we believe Rohan can help us to do that. We were quite taken aback by the amount of people who had applied – it was well into double figure. 

“Rohan’s hat was thrown into the ring and it became an easy choice thereafter. Rogan is actually quite unique in so far as he made his career coaching at the age of 21 or even earlier. I’ve heard people say ‘how can you be a head coach without playing the game?’

“But you look at football and a number of successful managers who have never played the game either. Yet because that’s what they have made their passion – coaching, psychology, player and welfare and, most importantly, man-management skills – which has stood them in good stead.

“The quality of Rohan’s CV and the apprenticeship he has served is unarguable. Rohan’s CV, his ability to work with and develop youth, and his view of how he can change things, is quite refreshing.

“A lot of people thought it was a bit of a curve-ball, going for someone like Rohan, but we are hoping that this is the right place to show his capability.”

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