Gleeson reacts angrily to Hudgell comments

Former Hull KR centre Sean Gleeson has reacted angrily to claims made by the club’s chairman Neil Hudgell.

In a queston and answer interview with the Hull Daily Mail, Hudgell chose to address concerns about why the player had not been invited to the club’s end of season dinner.

Gleeson had been forced to retire from rugby league, after receiving severe eye injuries in a fight outside a nightclub in Wigan before the start of the season.

But Hudgell insists that Gleeson actually refused contact with Rovers in the wake of his injury.

“I don’t accept any criticism whatsoever,” said the Rovers chairman.

“No one has any idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Sean refused any contact with the club for months after his injury.

“We have made all sorts of offers and gestures of support via his representatives, way beyond our contractual obligations.

“For some reason, he seems to want to fire off at the club, which is totally unwarranted.

“I have a totally clear conscience on this issue, despite what the half dozen or so Twitter warriors who are being whipped up into a frenzy might say.

“I don’t want a public spat on this, but I am not prepared to sit by and be unfairly judged.”

Those comments have angered Gleeson, however, who took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the situation.

“The mans a liar he never asked how I was when I was goin to games he just blanked me,” he tweeted.

“[I] want nothing to do with anything he lies I was goin the games at start but he just blanked me so felt awfull so stopped goin.” [sic]

He then meted out some highly personal criticism of Hudgell, with two more tweets:

“hahaha just hate all the sh** mate he won’t even talk too me he no man he a mouse Hahahaha.” [sic]

“F** the man anyway il always be a better human than him god hates liars.” [sic]

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