GB Stun Aussies: Post-Match Reaction


"I am absolutely proud of the boys. We didn't take a step back, we stood our ground, as I expected us to.

"We showed we could defend our line, and with a bit more composure could have scored more tries.

"I knew we could shake this competition up and I think the Aussies might start taking us seriously now."

 – Great Britain coach, Brian Noble


"It was a very tough match, but that is what you get in test rugby. We got slated this week but the boys dug deep and all credit to them.

"We had to work hard for it and we have got the win, but we are not the finished article by a long way.

“We have got a lot of improvement in us yet. We have only had two games and five practice sessions together.

"As the competition goes on, we will get better. It is nice to get some points on the board but we have not done anything yet.

“We finished top last time and they blew us away in the final, so we have got a lot of improving to do now."

 – Great Britain scrum-half, Sean Long


“There were some opportunities that went by the wayside, but the Pommies scrambled well and that's what you get when you've got that kind of attitude in defence when you're scrambling.

"In big games like this you've got to try and get the positive result out of every chance you get.

"I thought we improved tonight in areas of our attack, our completion rate was poor in the first half and the second half and it just didn't allow us to build or maintain pressure.

"Two tries went begging in the space of six or seven minutes – that's what we've got in us if we maintain the pressure, but when you keep dropping the football and not completing our sets of six, that's what you come up with."

Australia coach, Ricky Stuart


"We just made errors in crucial stages, that's what killed us,"

 – Australian captain, Darren Lockyer


“Mason gave him what he deserved."

 – Australian pundit, Phil Gould, on Willie Mason’s attack on Stuart Fielden


“Great Britain have to show that this wasn’t a one off, and that they can compete at the highest intensity. We should be pleased with this win, but don’t get carried away.”

 – Jay,


“Our attack today was more enthusiastic. We deserved to win and that was a brilliant performance by Great Britain. The Aussies were a little bit off. When Peacock scored they tried everything they knew but couldn't break us down.

“The Hornby ‘no-try’ was quite unlucky. Nine times out of ten he would have scored. Raynor did brilliantly throw himself at him to make him knock on.”

 – N.1.S.F.,


“I think we [Australia] made a stupid change when Gasnier came from the field with an injury – I think Berrigan should have moved to centre and Cameron Smith interchanged on at hooker rather then bringing Smith on as half-back moving Hornby to full back and Hunt to wing.

 – Frizz E,

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