Frayssinous: It’s not over

Despite slipping four points behind Saints Catalan coach Laurent Frayssinous still believes his side have a chance of reaching the top four.

The Dragons went down to St Helens last night at Langtree Park

“It’s not over. Until mathematically we’re dead we will keep on fighting,” Frayssinous told Sky Sports.

“We paid the price at the end. The last 20 minutes we play with 13 guys and it cost us at the end.

“I am pretty proud of some of the efforts tonight because some guys tried hard on the field tonight.

“It was disappointing, frustrating because Catalan are a competitive team and every time we lose we are angry or frustrated.

“They controlled the game and they were waiting for penalties. I think we didn’t touch the ball for 15 minutes at one stage and it was too hard for us.

“I am pretty proud of some of the efforts from the boys tonight because they try hard and we missed some players because of injuries.”

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