France boss Laurent Frayssinous backs IMG’s plans for annual England test

Josh McAllister
Laurent Frayssinous

France head coach Laurent Frayssinous has shared his support of IMG’s plans for an annual test against England on the international scene.

IMG shared its first proposal on Wednesday to both clubs and press in Manchester. One of the key markets said by the global organisation involved France, alongside the women’s game and London.

Having signed a 12-year deal with the sport, IMG have backed the participation of French clubs in the domestic competition, although capping it to two non-British clubs.

IMG also stated that they want a focus on the international game. That included a regular French game, with international windows set to take place mid-season and in October.

Frayssinous, who has begun preparations for his side’s World Cup tournament, has backed the idea and wants his side to play more international games.

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Laurent Frayssinous backs IMG’s international vision

“You want your national team to play as much as possible,” Frayssinous told Love Rugby League.

“We are pretty lucky to have our neighbours in England as the best team in Europe. We would be mad not to play against the best and wanting to improve.

“We’ve definitely been in touch in the last 12 months to put this in place for the future and next year already.

“We’re in talks with the RFL and it’s going pretty well. We are very keen to keep on improving by playing the best. Hopefully at one point, we will be able to win against them.”

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