Former Red Alker reveals drugs use

Malcolm Alker has admitted to taking drugs during his career.

The retired 33 year-old hooker revealed he took cocaine and banned growth hormones throughout his 13 year career with the Salford City Reds.

The full details will be published in Alker’s autobiography, which is due to be released next week. 

He ended his relationship with the City Reds last season as an assistant coach, and earlier this year said he was forced out of the club.

Alker said: “I once went a full season needing a shoulder reconstruction, but battled on. I also underwent a course of human growth hormone.

“The book is a real warts-and-all account of my life and my career. By coming clean, I hope what I’ve revealed will see things improve within the game for player welfare. 

“I’m also hoping that young players will take note, realise the pressures of professional rugby and the pitfalls and don’t make the mistakes that I did.”

Alker also said he became depressed during his career.

Salford’s director of football Steve Simms commented in reply to Alker’s revelations.

Simms said: “It’s surprising and disappointing to hear those comments.

“Players are tested regularly and at random and they get caught sooner or later. It’s a thorough and rigorous process.”

A spokesman for the Rugby Football League said the allegations made by Alker have been passed on to the UK Anti-Doping agency for investigation.

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