Featherstone feeling ready for fresh start

Featherstone Rovers coach Jon Sharp believes that his team will benefit from the fresh start that the Championship Shield offers them.

Fev kick off their Shield campaign when Whitehaven travel to face them at the Big Fellas Stadium on Sunday.

“It’s a fresh start for us and we’ll be treating it as such,” said Sharp.

“We will be adopting a new mindset, a new attitude and we are excited to be involved. It’s a new piece of silverware that we can compete for and we are up the challenge.

“We have been training hard over the last fortnight and the blokes have worked really hard. It has been tough and challenging for them but it will be worthwhile.

“We have also used the time to focus on skill execution and using those skills under pressure which we have lacked in recent weeks. It has allowed me to take a closer look at the squad and look at some of the youngsters in the group.

“We’ve still got some injury concerns at the moment with only 16 players training at some sessions so it may be an opportunity to some of our younger lads.”

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