Endacott predicts fiery Kiwi response

Former New Zealand coach Frank Endacott is predicting a big response from a much-improved Kiwi side this weekend.

New Zealand and England meet in the second Test in London on Saturday, with England 1-0 ahead in the three Test series.

The word’s number one ranked team need to win at the Olympic Stadium to keep the series alive.

Endacott said New Zealand’s young halves Peta Hiku and Tui Lolohea struggled as expected.

“I believe the second Test will be a lot closer, they [the Kiwis] will be a lot better with the run and I believe the Olympic stadium will help them,” he said.

“To win they need to concentrate more when fatigue sets in as that is when we get sloppy.

“The key is to respect ball more and eliminate silly mistakes, which gives opposition more ball and leads to fatigue.

“We need to continue the way we played the first 20 minutes in the first Test, but they will improve.”

England defended its line stoutly in Hull and kept the Kiwis at bay in the second half.

New Zealand ran out of ideas in attack and struggled to complete their sets.

Endacott was impressed with the English performance but said the Kiwis will lift this weekend.

“I was very impressed with England and the way they fought back, especially the forwards and the bench,” the ex-Wigan coach said.

“Every forward was outstanding and I just keep getting more impressed with the prop Chris Hill, he is a player who could be a top performer in the NRL.

“In fact I couldn’t fault any England player as they deserved their victory but they will find a more competitive Kiwis team this week.”

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