Email to All Amateur Clubs


We are aiming to becoming the number 1 Rugby League site in the UK, and are set to expand in to the Amateur game for the up coming season.

The purpose of this email is to offer you the chance to publicise your club by you sending your information in to us. We would be extremely happy to receive news items and/or match reports from your games, and these would go in our dedicated section.

We are also hoping to create as many team profile pages as possible, and we would like you to contribute that for your club. Simply send us information such as your team's address, name of any coaches and officials, a possible squad list perhaps, your team's badge/logo and any other information you may feel we'd like to include (such as a club history perhaps).

We hope you take this opportunity to publicise your club on an up and coming website, and we look forward to being the source of in depth Amateur coverage over the coming months.

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