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So, here's the 2nd edition of my column, sorry it's been a few weeks, but here's what I’ve learnt so far!

Well, I watched my first Super League game of the season between Hull KR & Wakefield which was broadcast on Sky. I was talking to a friend at the time who knows what they're talking about when it comes to Rugby League and that came in very useful to me, infact anyone who's reading this trying to get into RL, I recommend you do the same if possible because it was great having someone on hand to answer any immediate queries I had on the game.

First thing I noticed though was how different things are from Rugby Union. I used to be in to Union quite a bit and still remember a few of the rules from it. Overall I found Rugby League a bit easier on the eye, the pace was a lot quicker and the ball seemed to be in play a lot more. One thing I did wonder though is why scrums aren't contested in RL? Perhaps if anyone knows they could tell me via email!

The game itself I found really enjoyable, I was really amazed by how good the defending was from both sides. The ball seemed to be near the try line quite a bit but neither defence seemed to want to budge and that impressed me. The ending of the game was brilliant, Wakefield 9-8 up, Hull KR in possession, the commentators urging them to take a draw by kicking a drop goal but Hull KR had other ideas and Ben Cockayne scored a late try to give them the win, brilliant stuff. The passion shown from the Hull KR fans when he got the try was amazing and the noise levels were incredible, another thing that impressed me.

The week after that unfortunately I missed all of the live action, but having done some reading it was again St Helens who caught my eye losing for the second week in a row, this time to Wakefield. I've always known St Helens to be the best side in the league (whether I'm right or wrong on that I don’t know!) so to see them lose twice in a week was quite a surprise!

Then as for the weekend just gone again I’m guilty of missing the games, I’ve been struck pretty bad with the flu so motivating myself for anything has been a problem!

Well, I think that covers most of what I've picked up so far, I’m still unsure on a lot of things but hopefully that'll sort it out in the coming months. I’m really looking forward to reading Justin Ryan's RL Guide which will be here on LT soon as that should help me out with quite a few things.

So that’s it then, remember if you have any comments or idea's for the column then please do email me on the address below, or leave a post on the forums!

Take Care all.


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