Duffy admits wrongdoing at Keighley

Keighley Cougars player Gavin Duffy has released a statement via the club, confirming that he will be leaving the club after a period of suspension, following a positive test for a recreational drug.

Duffy will be heading to Australia to play rugby league when his suspension has ended, and looking to get his life back on track.

“In 2015, I suffered a terrible year caused by personal issues that I’ve had to overcome which resulted in me heading down the wrong road for which I blame nobody but myself,” he said, in a statement issued by Keighley Cougars.

“This left me in a bad place personally; I began to miss training sessions with the club and found myself drinking excessively.

“I tested positive for a recreational drug and this has resulted in a 15-month suspension, backdated to July 2015, a decision which has left me deeply saddened and regretful and is the worst decision I have ever made.

“I am now putting this dark period of my life behind me and beginning to concentrate on the future which will result in me playing Rugby League following the conclusion of my suspension later in the year.

“I know that once I return to playing in 2017, I will be moving to Australia and continuing my career down under and not with the Keighley Cougars.

“Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Keighley Cougars’ supporters for all their loyal support to myself over the past decade.”

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