Daryl Powell working hard on Warrington’s foundations

Steven Hughes
Daryl Powell

New Warrington Wolves Head Coach Daryl Powell has revealed he has been behind Warrington’s transfers for 2022, including George Williams.

Powell addressed the media today for the first time since his appointment. It has been confirmed since April this year.

Despite still being involved with Castleford until the end of the season, Powell has been involved with recruitment decisions at the Wire.

The Wire signed Williams upon his release from NRL side Canberra Raiders in the summer. Recruits for the 2022 season include Peter Mata’utia, Oliver Holmes, Joe Bullock, James Harrison, Greg Minikin and Billy Magoulias.

“They’re all my signings,” he said. “Getting announced early on allowed me to play a big part in recruitment, although I took some stick for it.

“Three days into the job with the players, it’s exciting looking at the potential here.”

“It’s got everything you need here.”

Powell also believes Warrington have everything in place to also be successful. He said he was “in awe” with the facilities at the club.

He added:“It’s just a great club and the one thing I’ve been really impressed with is the people within the club and how driven they are to make sure that Warrington Wolves are successful.

“It’s got everything you need here and it’s about making the most of it.

“St Helens are the team that everybody is shooting for at the moment, but I think we’ve got everything in place to be successful.

“It’s about making sure we get everything right from a culture and playing style perspective, everything comes off the back of the work you do and it’s getting that work ethic spot on.

“You have to get the foundation right and we’re working hard on getting the foundation right.

“I’ve been so impressed with everything at the club, including the conditioners and staff that were already at the club, and we’ve been able to knit the coaching staff together really quickly.”

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