Cunningham refusing to live in Saints’ past

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham is ignoring his team’s recent poor record at Hull KR, ahead of the Super League game at the KC Lightstream Stadium on Friday evening.

Saints currently top the Super League table with an immaculate winning record of six victories and no defeats.

They have not won a league game at Hull KR since 2007, though, but Cunningam is leaving the past to itself as he plans a bright future at Saints.

“It’s always a tough place to go is Hull KR, and our track record there is not the greatest,” he said.

“But the past is in the past for a reason, I think you have to look forward.

“You can’t change anything that’s happened last year, or the year before.

“The only thing you’ve got a bearing on is what happens this week, and how mentally you prepare for the game, and how phsycially you are there on the day.

“So those two points are really important to us and to this club, and I’d like to think that we’re going to fight for everything just to try and get those two points.

“If we prepare well, then we should be difficult.

“Like I said, you’re never going to change the past  – whatever we did in 1946 doesn’t matter what we do this week.

“The game’s advanced and moved on since then. I’d like to think that we’re a better side this year than we were last year, and definitely than the year before.

“We’ve been gradually improving, and I’d like to think the players are going to prepare well and get ready for this game.

“If they do, then we’ll give Hull KR a good game, we’ll be a tough side to beat.”

There have only been eight away victories in the whole of Super League this season, and Saints have three of them to their name.

Cunningham is proud of his team’s record away from Langtree Park.

“It’s been really good, and some of those are tough teams to beat, especially on their own midden,” he said.

“We’ve gone to Wakefield and Widnes, and to go there and do a job is really difficult, and it gives you a lot of pride as a coach to get those results.

“This week is going to be as important as last week, and as important as the week after, when we play Wigan.

“The two points are vital, and with the way the system goes now, the more points you can take into that eight, and that four, it just helps you along the way.”

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