Cummins not sure about shoulder charge ban

Bradford Bulls coach Francis Cummins says he is against the banning of the shoulder charge.

The Rugby Football League abolished the tackle last week following in the footsteps of their Australian and New Zealand counterparts after the International Federation announced a worldwide ban.

Cummins admitted it is not something he encourages but previously allowed his players to use it as and when they see fit. However he admitted for incorrect usage of the tackle the individual should be banned.

He said: “I’m not for it (the ban). I don’t think it’s a great technique in tackling anyway. I think the shoulder barge is for the fans.

“People like the collision and want to come and see our game because it is high intensity and a high collision sport. As a coach it’s not something we coach. It’s not something I said before the ban that I want them to do because generally people bounce off each other and the guy playing the ball plays it quick. We want to dominate the ball.”

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