Cudjoe pens new Giants deal


Huddersfield have secured the services of Leroy Cudjoe until the end of the 2016 season after the 23-year-old signed a new deal.

Leroy is due to make his 100th appearance for the club in this Sunday’s game against Harlequins and is delighted to sign a new new contract:

“I’m delighted to sign a new long-term deal with the club, it’s been my goal to secure my future at the Giants and I’m happy that I can continue to play for my hometown team. 

“Bruno (Michael Lawrence) and Jermaine (McGillvary) signed new deals recently and it’s great that I can follow in their footsteps, we are building a squad that has plenty of Huddersfield-born players within it and I’m glad to be a part of it. It proves that there is plenty of talent within the area. 

“It’s an exciting place to be at and the fact that a lot of key players are signed up for the next three or four years will only benefit us as we continue to develop as a side. My ambitions going forward are to win silverware with the club and also become a consistent fixture in the team at centre.

“My form over the season hasn’t quite been as high as I would have liked, I’ve moved positions a fair bit during the year and I know I will learn from that going forward and keep improving. 

Head Coach Nathan Brown was delighted to add Leroy’s name the players committed for the long term:

“For the club going forward Leroy is a very important player he has a lot of areas to his game that he can do naturally and there are other areas that no other person could possibly do at any club.

“He has the ability to catch, he can beat people individually, he has a good passing game and he is also a great kick target. Whether he plays at wing, centre, halves or full back he can contribute to the team considerably. 

“The more confidence that Leroy gets into his game then the better he will become he is a terrific athlete who understands the game and also a terrific trainer. Leroy can only continue to improve and has already represented his country and players like Leroy can only help England to blossom.”