Cooper calls for calm

Mike Cooper has called for calm from fans over his side St George Illawarra.

The Dragons are struggling and sit in 11th spot, two points outside of the top eight.

St George Illawarra have been criticised heavily and Cooper says he doesn’t understand why the club is scrutinised so much.

“There a lot of teams below us in the league and that have been in the finals for the last couple of years that are getting no heat whatsoever,” Cooper told The Daily Telegraph.

“But (we do) because it’s the Dragons and we get all the pressure, which is a shame.

“I don’t really understand why this club gets so much heat all the time. It’s unfair, but it is the way it is.

“I’ve learnt being a part of this club that you are under a lot of pressure. Coming from the UK this is a different kettle of fish completely.

“People think people aren’t putting effort in and at times we are over trying rather than not putting effort in.

“Everyone is sticking together and you have to in this type of situation.

“Obviously we are a proud club and a lot of people involved with this club are putting in as much effort as possible to go forward.”

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