Chester wants more accountability at Hull KR

Hull KR coach Chris Chester has affirmed that he wants personal responsibility to be a theme for his team next season.

The new Rovers head coach is heading into preseason with the attitude that everyone at the club, from him down to the most junior player, must be accountable for their actions.

More coaching reviews will take place, and players and staff will be reminded of where their responsibilities lie if things go wrong.

“We have spoken about accountability and how everyone will now have a role to play,” Chester told the Hull Daily Mail.

“Whether it’s fitness, wrestling or defence and attack, someone will be accountable.

“This year it’s been everyone mucks in here and there, but we need more accountability.

“It’s something we’ve been lacking and next year will be different.

“If I’m in charge of defence and we’re not defending well, then I will be held accountable.

“If we are losing the wrestle for some reason then the person in charge of that will be accountable. By making everyone more accountable, I feel we will have a better chance of being successful on the pitch.”

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