Chester calls for unity after Hull KR flop at Wakefield

Hull KR coach Chris Chester wants his players to stick together and show some unity, after a disappointing defeat at Wakefield on Sunday.

Rovers lost 44-24, and it was the second week in a row that they had conceded 40 points or more, following their opening day home loss to Leeds.

Chester acknowledged that there was plenty of work to be done over the next fortnight, on both defence and attack.

“We just need to stick together, to work hard in training, that’s all we can do,” the coach told reporters after the game.

“There’s no quick fixes.

“I’m more peeved with the way that we played with the ball, especially towards the back end of the first half, and the start of the second half.

“They scored two quick tries just before half-time and that was a big momentum swing.

“We weren’t good enough today and Wakefield well deserved the win.

“I’m disappointed, I don’t think Wakefield had to work hard enough for their tries.

“We made far too many errors with the ball, and it’s not acceptable.

“We’ve got a lot of problems to fix up. We thought we’d done that during the week. It’s not through lack of hard work. But we’re a long way off.

“We were a long way off today defensively, and with the ball as well, I’m more frustrated with the errors that we came up with with the ball.

“We’re none from two. We wanted to be two from two. That’s not to be, we’ve plenty of things to fix up.

“It’s important that we stay together now. We’re a tight group and it’ll be a tough couple of weeks.

“We’ve got another big game against Wigan. There’s no easy games this year.”

Chester also felt that there was a palpable lack of intensity amongst his troops before the game.

“I thought everybody was below their best today. I told them before the game that they seemed a little bit too relaxed for my liking,” he added.

“Wakefield are a really good rugby league side, and we came up short. We’ve got to fix a few things up.”

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