Burrow: There’s no excuses now

Leeds playmaker Rob Burrow says the Rhinos have no excuses now they are back at their Kirkstall training ground.

Leeds have trained away from Kirkstall after it was flooded in December.

Burrow admits not being at the same facility every week has been a factor on the club’s season, which sees them bottom of Super League.

“You can’t wait to get away from the placem but when you’re away from it you can’t wait to get in,” he told Love Rugby League.

“Little bits we do in the gym were on the pitch there and it’s just nice to get changed there and not travel about all different parts of Leeds.

“We’re fortunate enough it’s a great city which has got lots of venues for us which have been great.

“But it’s always nice being in your own changing rooms and having physio in your own physio rooms, it had a factor on it this season I’m sure.”

Burrow said getting back to that routine at Kirstall is a positive.

“We’re lucky enough to have our own facilities, some teams do that,” he said.

“I’m not sure if they’ve all got the facilities under one roof like we have so theres no excuses there.

“i understand how some people say thats a load of rubbish, we are pampered at Leeds.

“It’s got a load of good facilities as has your top clubs, but we have missed it and it has been a factor.

“But we’re back in there so there is no excuses now.”

Burrow has played 15 times for England and five times for Great Britain. He retired from the international scene after the 2013 World Cup.

Burrow admits he is conflicted over England coach Wayne Bennett’s plans to try and entice Australians with English heritage to play for the mother country.

“I’m a passionate guy myself and I know it happens in Australia and in all sports, but I’m a guy who thinks that British players should be playing,” he said.

“I don’t really have an opinion on it, but if pressed… other teams do it so I see the point.

“It’s the way it is, we live in a world of sport where it happens everywhere so it’s no different to that.

“But I’d personally be British but its not doing anything different to any other sport we’re doing in England.”

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