Burgess bags Aussie-born players for England

George Burgess has voiced his displeasure as Australian-born players considering pledging their allegiance to England.

Burgess told The Sunday Telegraph it would be unfair if the likes of Trent Hodkinson or Blake Austin would be picked over an England-born player.

“I think it’s wrong when some Australian players think they can walk into the England team if they are eligible,” he said.

“For me that’s not the point of playing for your country.

“We’ve got a strong team at the minute and we are hoping to contest for a final spot at the Four Nations.

“It’s tough competition to get a spot in the team at the moment and no one can just walk in to it.

“I mean every case is different and some players have genuine interest in representing their country through parents who are English.

“But I think if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, I don’t think it’s right.”

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