Brett Hodgson wants Wolves to catch up to Wigan

Warrington’s Brett Hodgson believes Wigan are the team to beat this season, and are considerably miles ahead of the chasing pack.

Hodgson and his Warrington side will face Wigan in August, a week after playing St Helens.

But Hodgson said his side are making improvements, and Warrington will want to make sure they are prepared for both games.

He said: “I think Wigan are defiantly a few miles ahead of where we need to be at the moment. They are the pinnacle of the sport at the moment and they are the benchmark.

“We are improving in certain areas which we want to improve at but it doesn’t matter until you get out there onto the field and you have to be playing at your best at the end of the year.

“We have a few big games coming up for us as well so as long as we keep improving as a squad we’ll do ok. It’s going to be a tough couple of week of football in August and I’m sure Tony (Smith) will freshen us around that stage and we’ll be raring to go.”

Warrington will play St Helens at Langtree Park on the final scheduled Monday night fixture to be broadcast on Sky Sports, before taking on Wigan the following week.

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