Betts slams Wakefield’s pitch

Widnes coach Denis Betts believes that his team’s win over Wakefield at the weekend was a bad game, played on a bad pitch.

The 30-18 win was the Vikings’ first victory away from home this season, but Betts was not impressed.

“It was a poor, poor game. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay to watch it,” he said afterwards.

“The pitch is a disgrace. We’ve got lads in there with rolled ankles. It’s divoted and rock hard, it’s just not a pitch you should be playing Super League games on. It’s atrocious.

“It affected us in a couple of ways but, ultimately we were just poor. We had some poor performances but managed to do the job. We shut them down and scored more points than they did.

“The only thing we can take out of today is that we’ve won a game away from home and we’re in the (top) eight.”

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