Betts reveals suspended trio were not drinking


Denis Betts has spoken about the suspension of three Widnes players due to off field discipline.

Scott Moore, Hep Cahill and Simon Finnigan were suspended last week ahead of their team’s home game against Salford for “a breach in club discipline.”

It was revealed on Scott Moore’s Twitter account that he had broke his jaw last week, which was then followed by his club suspension.

However Betts revealed the incident was water under the bridge, but refused to explain specifically what happened.  

He said: “It wasn’t a big all night drinking party with everybody doing something that was causing loads of problems. 

“It wasn’t a massive issue, but it was an issue to the group. It was something that we felt had to be death with.”

Betts went onto deny reports that Hep Cahill had broken his hand, but explained that the player had set themselves high off field standards prior to the start of the season.

He said: “We talked about our discipline off the field and the culture we are trying to set. It would have been easy to forget about this, keep it quiet and not do the right thing because we don’t want to shake the boat.

“We had to say as a team and as an organisation: ‘If you break the rules there are consequences. And by the way, they’re your rules.’

“We sat down as a group and you agreed to all of this and you broke them. You didn’t just let yourselves down, your let 25 team mates down.”


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