Betts hails Hodgson’s role in bringing Runciman to Widnes

Widnes coach Denis Betts has revealed that Brett Hodgson played a key role in brining new signing Charly Runciman to the Vikings.

Hodgson, who is part of the Chemics’ coaching staff, has a host of good contacts in Australia who are an invaluable source of scouting information.

“Brett’s been fantastic in the situation,” said Betts.

“He’s on the staff and he’s got lots of good contacts.

“He’s well-connected with not just the elite end of the NRL, but the junior sections as well.

“He knows lots of people who are coaching over there.

“What they’re good at is finding those hidden gems. People who can can give you a good resume and who you can talk to about a person’s character, and what they’re like as a bloke, and what baggage comes with them, if there is any baggage.

“For myself as a head coach who wants to strengthen his organisation, the first thing I want to put in this team is character.

“Good character and high quality people – then the rest of it hopefully falls into place.”

Runciman himself, meanwhile, is a player who is keen to succeed in Super League, according to Betts.

“Charly is a fantastic acquisition for us,” Betts added.

“He’s young and he’s hungry, he wants to be part of Super League.

“We’ve been really fortunate to get him out of St George halfway through the season.

“They’ve allowed him a release so that he can further his ambitions in Super League.

“He’s got good pedigree and he’s just looking to come in and play at the elite level in Super League.”

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