Bennett excited by Knights challenge

Incoming Newcastle coach Wayne Bennett admits he’s excited by the challenge at his new club but has urged fans not to expect instant success.

Bennett oversaw his first training session at the Knights today since arriving in Newcastle late yesterday.

“I think there is a great opportunity here to build something special and we have a plan,” he said.

“The first 12 months will be to making us the best football team that we can be and not go too quick because you can get lost in all of that.

“Realistically a premiership may not be forthcoming in the near future but more importantly we want to build something to provide the club with long-term success.”

After ten years with Brisbane and two at the helm with St George, Bennett is keen to put his stamp on the Knights’ playing style.

He added: “We can’t play the brand of football I would like Newcastle to play if we don’t have good fundamentals so I am going to make sure that is in place,” the coach explained.

“You can’t have wonderful set plays and moves if someone in the team can’t pass the ball properly so we are back to fundamentals and will be for some time.”

He admits however that there is great deal of potential in some of the squad’s younger players, adding:

“There are a couple of young boys who I had my eye on.”

“I liked the things they did, they are not big names in the game right now but I hope they will be in the next 12 months.

“They showed me a few things this morning that I wasn’t aware of and that part excites me.”

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