Adam Reynolds makes history by kicking the first two-point drop goal

There was a historic moment in the NRL this morning as Adam Reynolds kicked the first ever two-point drop goal.

The two-point drop goal ruling was introduced ahead of this season. A drop goal will only count as two points if the ball is kicked from behind the 40-metre line.

Reynolds kicked the game’s first ever two-point drop goal in their round five clash against Brisbane on Thursday.


  1. What on earth are they trying to achieve with all these stupid rule changes, either a drop goal is 1 point or it is 2 points, having this silly rule just complicates the issue…

  2. I don’t want to be pedantic but until 1970 drop goals in Australia were worth 2 points so it is actually the first one in 51 years. In England drop goals were reduced from 2 to 1 point in 1975.

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