The RL diet: Warrington young gun Samy Kibula on losing 15kg in pre-season

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The rugby league diet is our new feature where we give you an insight in to the eating habits of your favourite professional players, in partnership with Heaven ‘N’ Health.

Warrington’s new recruit Samy Kibula is our latest guest…

What is your diet like, Samy?

“My diet wasn’t the best when I was at Wigan and that was down to me but I’ve personally changed it since I’ve come here and really focused on it.

“I’m close to the nutritionist here at Warrington and I’ve been sending him pictures each day of what I’ve eaten and it’s just a lot less calories now than what I was having before I came.”

So what do you eat now then?

“I eat a lot more protein but a lot less carbs now compared to last year.

“I just do the simple things really when it comes to my diet but I’ve lost around 15kg now since I’ve come to Warrington and it is the lightest I’ve been for a good few years. I’m in good shape and I’m ready to go now.”

You mentioned you have lost more than two stone over pre-season… How?

“I’ve had a different training programme to everyone.

“Most of the lads have been on weight programmes but I’ve just been doing a lot of circuit training so it has worked out really well for me.”

Are you feeling the benefits of being lighter?

“I feel a lot better to be honest. I’m getting around the pitch a lot quicker and I’m staying on the feel for longer so my fitness is a lot better.

“I can tell a difference in the morning’s as well – I was struggling to get out of bed but now I’m bouncing out of there! My mood is better now as well so I’m excited for 2020. I’m quicker now and we’ll hopefully see on the pitch this season.”

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