Calls for legal challenge if Toulouse earn promotion to Super League

Derek Beaumont owner of Leigh Centurions applauds the home supporters after seeing his team win for the first time this season

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont says there should be a legal challenge if Toulouse are promoted to Super League.

Toulouse are heavy favourites to replace the Centurions in the top flight, after winning 13 from 13 in the Championship – albeit one of those was a forfeit by London Broncos.

With part-time teams opting not to travel to France due to the quarantine restrictions impacting on their return, Toulouse haven’t played one game all season, though did arrange two “home” fixtures to take place at Swinton’s Heywood Road.

Nearest rivals Featherstone have won 19 out of 20 league games to date, but were deducted a win for breaching coronavirus protocols.

Beaumont told BBC Radio Manchester: “If you look at it from Mark Campbell’s point of view as well, at Featherstone, is he getting a fair fight? I don’t believe he is.

“You know, Toulouse haven’t played all their games, they’ve not played all their home games, they’ve not had to do the travelling home and away, you don’t get the same amount of injuries, suspensions, fatigue, they’ve not endured the same season.

“It’s far from fair. So I’m not saying they shouldn’t promote anyone. I just think that, legally, there’s a challenge, if Toulouse get promoted and I think, legally, there’s a challenge if Leigh get relegated.”

In his programme notes ahead of their win over Wakefield on Sunday, Beaumont slammed the attitude of his players in an extraordinary outburst.

He called their Magic Weekend defeat to Hull KR “absolutely disgraceful” and said he was “disgusted, appalled and insulted” after they shipped 34 points without reply in the second half.

He added: “It was a complete collapse, a surrender of belief and desire and will to give pride to the situation. I felt hurt by it and still do.

“Do I care what response I get as a result of them reading this? Not at all as they can decide what history they want to be part of and how they represent themselves.”

Though it probably wasn’t intended as a motivational speech, Leigh won only their second game all season – beating Wakefield 26-18 thanks to a Ryan Brierley hat-trick.


  1. OK, so leigh are relegated and Mr Beaumont isn’t happy.
    Personally I believe leigh should have been given a free pass this year, however their owner agreed to promotion and relegation, so he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on,

    Beginning to sound like a whinger Mr beaumont

    • Leigh deserve to be relegated. The
      winner of the championship who ever that may deserve promotion. Derek’s attitude to the sport is a disaster and if Marwan teams up it will be a car crash. Two peas in a pod.

  2. Degsy should grow up. None of his business. He is going down come what may and without 2 to 3 years in SL to get up to speed he was always going down. In respect of who comes up he should have absolutely no say whatsoever. Toulouse would have been within their rights to refuse to play at all. Instead they have gone to every ground in the UK to play as required. Teams openly refused to go the other way. So they were told they didnt have to.

    Your article is incorrect. Fev were beaten by Toulouse. Well beaten. Fev fielded a weakened team because they knew they would be beaten. Toulouse cruised home in second gear. Toulouse will win the final and I suspect it will be Fev although Halifax on their day play more attractive rugby and would, in my view, put up a sterner test to Toulouse in a winner takes all game than Fev.

    Fev are a great championship side. They should be nowhere near SL. Pointless waste, go up to come down, a big pay day for a team that will remain part time even in SL. Toulouse offer so much more, as do Newcastle, York and London. Even the Bulls offer more and after what they have been through that’s probably a nod to all the hard work to get them to where they are now. All of these teams could go full time, have academies and infrastructure that compliments SL. All would be worthy of a franchise if we had a fair franchise system. Fev? Two words…Newtown Jets. And there is no shame in that, none what so ever.

  3. If you want to promote the game follow football’s platform, promotion & relegation, provide local derby’s. The way you have got it is boring and your losing fans from tv and grounds. The way you invite teams into super league dismissing teams you don’t want in, frankly you embarrass yourselfs with moving the posts over criteria to suit. Your plan hasn’t worked start a fresh because your driving fans away, the rfl and sl reminds me of the emperor Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned .

  4. People quick to jump on headlines rather than read/listen to the whole article. Despite Leigh’s position he has always supported promotion and relegation. Further Featherstone would be compelled to go full time if promoted. The gulf between championship and SL is too wide and the 2 X 10 is the way forward. He had support from the typically vulnerable teams until it became clear Leigh were the team going down. Typical short sightedness from those clubs once they were safe. Not because I am a Leigh fan, because I prefer championship rugby – This season should see no relegation but 2 teams promoted. The following season the top 6 championship teams make up the required 20 teams. To achieve this DB said he would accept the 625 K (parachute payment) rather than the SL share of revenue.

  5. Leigh had no right to the Super League spot they were handed, 6th in 2018, 4th in 2019, 2nd after 4 games in curtailed 2020 season. They had zero right to be promoted. They’re going straight back down because they’re just not good enough. If clubs and RFL had made the effort they could have had Toulouse play their games in the UK as home matches, they chose not to. If Toulouse win the place they go up, as unlike Leigh they earned the right!

  6. Mark is right. I listened to the full interview. Why Derek Beaumont was floating the idea of legal action was, the way the goalposts have been moved so much, during the season – mainly because of necessary Covid circumstances. The ‘rules’ everyone (including Leigh) signed up for were constantly changed, with teams opting in and out of matches, and the final placings being skewed by events, sometimes within the control of clubs, and sometimes without. Nobody is disputing that leigh were the worst team in SL, and Toulouse the best in the Championship. however, who knows what the position would have been, if all clubs had played all matches. He cites the fact that Toulouse played less games and therefore suffered less injuries, (and all other clubs have suffered some horrendous injuries this season)and less suspensions. He suggests that nobody got relegated the previous season, during Covid, and asks whether it is fair to relegate anyone this season, in identical circumstances. In the name of consistency – not a RL strongpoint – he has a point.

  7. Sorry I am not a Featherstone fan but they should be the team that are automatically promoted They have won the most games Toulouse could have played their home games here at a neutral ground the same has Catalan have done Also how are you going to play the playoffs in France if the Covid rules are still in place for the part time clubs either there is a rule or not

    • The RFL have been like that for some time. Upto no good most of the fans in sl don’t want the French in sl but it’s not what the fans want it’s what the RFL want they control the sl and the championship. I’m not a fev fan but I would prefer them to come up instead of the French coming up a cas fan.

    • The RFL what a shambles total lack of communication games not fulfilled teams awarded 24-0 wins shocking that teams could not field a team and the opposition awarded the points.Super L team selections require reviewing ie Castleford v Salford week prior to Wembley cup final 18-70 defeat this is so amateurish.

  8. Derek is spot on rugby league is finished as a sport it as been going backwards for the last 10 years, its is run by the top 5 greedy chairman who move the goal posts as and when they like it’s no wonder the game is loosing fans hand over fist, but according to Lenagan the tv audiences are rising, does he not know the ground have been closed due to covid.

  9. It matters not what the outcome will be….leigh centurions are to be jointly owned by derek beaumont and marlan koukash, next season….And no matter what league they are in, a super squad will be put together…starting with joel tomkins ( theres a clue )…say whatever yo wish, but watch this space…

  10. There is some sense to some of the comments but as a whole is all crap. Let’s go back to Toronto with drawing from the competition. In the majority of sports when another team or competitor is disqualified or pulls out everyone below moves up. Featherstone were in the million pound game and on Toronto’s exit they should have been offered promotion.

    The promotion selection should have been on points not sorting out the boys. Why should we be surprised that once again they’ll try and block Leigh’s relegation and make up some other points formula to block Featherstone or any other team not part of the clique.

  11. I would like to know how come the games played in SL this year have not been fair? How come Leigh have had to play the top sides such as Wigan 3 times yet only played the lower teams twice? Xovid has severely impacted all clubs to play or not be able to put a side out, for this reason there should be no relegation or promotion this season. Dont rate Mr B and I honestly have no idea why he would bad mouth his team and players to the extent he has. He is only in it for himself.

  12. Why dont catalan and toulouse play in their own country, we dont need other countries in an english league, can you imagine if barcelona started playing in the premiership, people would go crazy and it would possibly ruin the league, just like having 2 french teams and one from canada.. it just doesnt work… time to scrap this stupid idea…

  13. Catalans played a much-weakened side against Huddersfield and the result didn’t matter. This has nothing to do with promotion & relegation though, as good as Catalans are I don’t want any foreign sides in super league.

  14. Toulouse should be promoted, they won the Championship and shouldn’t have to go through the playoff process, in addition it’s unfair on them to deny them the chance of playoffs on the grounds that they haven’t played 70% of fixtures as everyone cancelled on them not the other way round. I can’t see how Leigh would challenge it either, they have been awful this season and deserve the relegation per competition rule, I can understand why Fetherstone may challenge it due to the fact that they’ve played 6 more games and thus have had 6 more chances to lose points percentage. Also they were robbed promotion 4 times during the licenceing era.

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