Ian Lenagan and Adrian Lam provide Wigan recruitment update

Drew Darbyshire

Wigan owner Ian Lenagan and head coach Adrian Lam have provided an update on the club’s recruitment ahead of the 2021 campaign.

The Warriors have made two impressive signings ahead of the new Super League season in the shape of John Bateman and Jai Field who arrive from the NRL.

Speaking at the club’s virtual media day on Tuesday, Lenagan didn’t rule out making any more signings this year but says it is unlikely at this stage.

When asked if we can expect more players coming in as the season progresses, Lenagan replied: “In terms on whether you’ve spent up, a lot of that depends on the audiences through the gates are going to be.

“When we are looking at a forecast of where we’ve got a 35-40% swing either way dependant on whether the Government allows people into stadiums at two, four, eight thousand or whatever – you can’t possibly be splashing out money at this stage as you can well understand.

“But we’re always on the lookout. Kris (Radlinski) and I spent quite a lot of time yesterday (Monday) talking about potential people both in terms of 2022 and 2021 because the opportunity will come around, there’s no doubt about that.

“You never say never but it is unlikely at this stage. We would rather like another prop forward if he was around as all of our fans will tell you I’m sure.”

John Bateman returns to Wigan in 2021 after two seasons in the NRL with Canberra Raiders

Wigan coach Lam is happy with the squad he currently has at his disposal, but admits they may need another one or two players as the season goes on.

He said: “We are a smaller squad than we were last year and it’s going to be a long season.

“We’ve got three double games over those three weekends and on top of that the Challenge Cup that we hope to go deep into and put ourselves in with a chance of winning it.

“We’re probably going to need one or two more players through the whole squad and thats ongoing communication between the leaders of the club and me as coach because its important that we make sure we tick that box.

“You’ve always got to be open to who’s on the market or who’s on offer regardless of how strong your squad is. I’m really happy with the players that we’ve got, I don’t feel we need any more at the moment but as the season goes on we may potentially need a middle and an outside-back at some stage.”

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