July 2020

Con Mika [Toulouse – Released]

Louis Jouffret [Featherstone – Ottawa]

Jacob Smillie [Bradford – Swinton]

Mitch Garbutt [Hull KR – Toulouse (from 2021)]

Daniel Alvaro [Parramatta – New Zealand Warriors (Loan)]

George Jennings [Parramatta – New Zealand Warriors (Loan)]

David Fifita [Brisbane Broncos – Gold Coast Titans (from 2021)]

Corey Harawira-Naera [Canterbury – Canberra]

Tony Gigot [Unattached – Wakefield]

Nick Cotric [Canberra – Canterbury]

Tony Maurel [Toulouse – Released]

Tim Lafai [St George – Canterbury]

Antoni Maria [Catalans – Released (end of season)

Liam Kay [Toronto – Wakefield]

Herman Ese’ese [Newcastle Knights – Gold Coast (from 2021)]

Nick Gregson [Unattached – Swinton]

Gavin Bennion [Swinton – Rochdale]

Rob Fairclough [Swinton – Rochdale

Harry Rushton [Wigan – Canberra (from 2021)]

Morgan Escarè [Wigan – Salford]

Louis McConnell [Leeds – Featherstone]

Liam Whitton [Leeds – Featherstone]

Mika Simon [Catalans – Released (end of season)]

John Bateman [Canberra – Wigan (from 2021)]