Love Rugby League LogoYork City Knights 144 Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 0

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Venue: Tim Hartley

Attendance: 1089

Referee: Brandon Robinson

Line Ups
York City Knights West Wales Raiders RL
TRY Liam Jackson41 min0
TRY Kieran Moss87 min0
TRY Connor Robinson1210 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson1412 min0
TRY Brad Hey1812 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson2015 min0
TRY Joe Porter2415 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson2618 min0
TRY Ash Robson3018 min0
TRY Connor Robinson3423 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson3623 min0
TRY Kieran Moss4027 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson4227 min0
TRY Joe Batchelor4630 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson4830 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson5033 min0
TRY Ronan Dixon5433 min0
TRY Graeme Horne5835 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson6035 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson6242 min0
TRY Judah Mazive 6642 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson6844 min0
TRY Graeme Horne7244 min0
TRY Kieran Moss7646 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson7846 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson8049 min0
TRY Graeme Horne8449 min0
TRY Kieran Moss8851 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson9051 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson9254 min0
TRY Kieran Moss9654 min0
TRY Aaron Smith10058 min0
GOAL Connor Robinson10258 min0
GOAL Ash Robson10460 min0
TRY Mike Kelly10860 min0
TRY Kieran Moss11266 min0
GOAL Ash Robson11466 min0
TRY Adam Robinson11868 min0
GOAL Ash Robson12068 min0
TRY Aaron Smith12470 min0
GOAL Ash Robson12670 min0
TRY Kieran Moss13074 min0
GOAL Ash Robson13277 min0
TRY Ronan Dixon13677 min0
GOAL Ash Robson13879 min0
TRY Ash Robson14279 min0
Kieran MossMan of the matchHarry Boots

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