Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 10 Love Rugby League LogoHunslet RLFC 72

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 283

Line Ups
West Wales Raiders RL Hunslet RLFC
03 min4TRY Gareth Potts
07 min6GOAL Reece Dean
07 min10TRY Jack Lee
016 min12GOAL Reece Dean
016 min16TRY Gareth Potts
020 min18GOAL Reece Dean
020 min22TRY Gareth Potts
025 min24GOAL Reece Dean
025 min28TRY Jack Lee
034 min32TRY Jimmy Watson
034 min34GOAL Reece Dean
037 min38TRY Reece Dean
037 min40GOAL Reece Dean
GOAL Phil Cowburn243 min40
TRY Robert Matamosi643 min40
649 min42GOAL Reece Dean
649 min46TRY Vila Halafihi
653 min50TRY Adam Robinson
656 min54TRY Ben Heaton
656 min56GOAL Reece Dean
663 min58GOAL Reece Dean
663 min62TRY Vila Halafihi
669 min64GOAL Reece Dean
669 min68TRY Ben Heaton
675 min72TRY Nathan Chappell
TRY Robert Matamosi1080 min72
Robert MatamosiMan of the matchJack Lee

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