Love Rugby League LogoSheffield Eagles 44 Love Rugby League LogoBarrow Raiders 18

Match status: Full Time

Competition: Championship

Attendance: 677

Referee: Gareth Hewer

Line Ups
Sheffield Eagles Barrow Raiders
TRY Ryan Millar43 min0
TRY Ryan Millar821 min0
GOAL Pat Walker1021 min0
GOAL Pat Walker1223 min0
TRY Aaron Brown1623 min0
1626 min2GOAL Jamie Dallimore
1626 min6TRY Tom Walker
1633 min10TRY Deon Cross
1633 min12GOAL Jamie Dallimore
1643 min16TRY Jono Smith
1643 min18GOAL Jamie Dallimore
SIN BIN Bradley Knowles1650 min18
TRY Josh Guzdek2058 min18
GOAL Josh Guzdek2258 min18
TRY Corey Makelim2662 min18
GOAL Pat Walker2862 min18
TRY Menzie Yere3267 min18
GOAL Pat Walker3467 min18
GOAL Pat Walker3673 min18
TRY Corey Makelim4073 min18
4075 min18SIN BIN Danny Morrow
TRY Menzie Yere4480 min18
Corey MakelimMan of the matchJono Smith

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