Love Rugby League LogoGold Coast Titans 8 Love Rugby League LogoSt George Illawarra 54

Match status: Full Time

Competition: NRL

Venue: Tevita LeoLatu

Attendance: 7297

Line Ups
Gold Coast Titans St George Illawarra
01 min4TRY Matthew Dufty
02 min6GOAL Gareth Widdop
08 min8GOAL Gareth Widdop
TRY Michael Gordon410 min8
GOAL Michael Gordon612 min8
GOAL Michael Gordon816 min8
826 min10GOAL Gareth Widdop
827 min14TRY Tim Lafai
828 min16GOAL Gareth Widdop
830 min20TRY Matthew Dufty
830 min22GOAL Gareth Widdop
831 min26TRY Tim Lafai
844 min26SIN BIN Jack De Belin
848 min28GOAL Gareth Widdop
851 min32TRY Nene MacDonald
857 min36TRY Gareth Widdop
870 min40TRY Paul Vaughan
871 min42GOAL Gareth Widdop
872 min46TRY Matthew Dufty
873 min48GOAL Gareth Widdop
878 min52TRY Tim Lafai
880 min54GOAL Gareth Widdop
Michael GordonMan of the matchGareth Widdop

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