Love Rugby League LogoDoncaster RLFC 62 Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 24

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Line Ups
Doncaster RLFC West Wales Raiders RL
04 min2GOAL Will Ramsey
04 min6TRY Joe Burke
GOAL Matty Beharrell29 min6
TRY Matty Beharrell69 min6
TRY Tom Halliday1013 min6
GOAL Matty Beharrell1213 min6
1223 min10TRY Michael Holden
1223 min12GOAL Will Ramsey
1228 min12SIN BIN Marcus Webb
TRY Jason Tali1630 min12
GOAL Matty Beharrell1839 min12
TRY Sam Smeaton2239 min12
2243 min16TRY Rangi Chase
2243 min18GOAL Will Ramsey
GOAL Matty Beharrell2448 min18
TRY Ross Peltier2848 min18
TRY Brandon Douglas 3255 min18
GOAL Matty Beharrell3455 min18
TRY Tom Halliday3860 min18
GOAL Matty Beharrell4060 min18
4068 min20GOAL Will Ramsey
4068 min24TRY Sam Herron
GOAL Matty Beharrell4271 min24
TRY Aaron York4671 min24
TRY Ollie Greensmith5075 min24
TRY Alex Holdstock5477 min24
GOAL Matty Beharrell5677 min24
TRY Aaron York6080 min24
GOAL Matty Beharrell6280 min24
Matty BeharrellMan of the matchRangi Chase

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