Love Rugby League LogoNorth Wales Crusaders 30 Love Rugby League LogoWorkington Town 18

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 363

Line Ups
North Wales Crusaders Workington Town
09 min4TRY Carl Forber
09 min6GOAL Carl Forber
GOAL Ben Stead213 min6
TRY Ben Stead617 min6
GOAL Ben Stead817 min6
GOAL Ben Stead1025 min6
TRY Steven Roper1425 min6
TRY Dante Morley-Samuels1830 min6
1835 min8GOAL Carl Forber
1835 min12TRY Perry Singleton
GOAL Ben Stead2045 min12
TRY Dante Morley-Samuels2463 min12
GOAL Ben Stead2670 min12
TRY Kenny Baker3070 min12
3080 min16TRY Dec O\'Donnell
3080 min18GOAL Carl Forber
Simon AthertonMan of the matchFuifui Moimoi

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